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Thanks! Of course:
I use and 7zip.
Alternatives would be, for example, GIMP and winRAR, although I personally don’t like these.

Most of the stuff/assets I need I get from the “entity” named files in the gfx folder of data001. I either simply copy the assets I need or save them as new images for later use.
I then open a new image (size 150×150 pixel), put the copied or saved pieces into the new pic as different layers, vertically mirror them (so they face right), align them correctly and merge the pic at the end.

It’s actually pretty easy until that point. “Why until that point?”

Well the assets are all too big for a 80×80 pic (which is the perfect avatar size for the forums here), so I had two options:

Either start with a 80×80 pic right away and shrink the layers all on their own (which is crap, because it’s way more time consuming to change the size of every layer itself, than simply creating a new image at all, in my opinion).
I use the finished 150×150 pic as source. Meaning: I open a new picture with size 80×80, then copy the 150×150 picture into the 80×80 and shrink it to fit the 80×80 size (this way, the proportion and resolution of the avatar assets stay fine).

Like that, I end up with two pics per avatar at the end.
Examples: Example 80x80 Example 150x150

In fact, it is pretty easy. I had very little knowledge when I started and didn’t need many tries for my first, own avatar.