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Hey Psen,

If it is about editing all of the texts to fit female characters, I definitely would not mind helping out for free.

Hi Leery,
thanks a lot for the offer. We wil definitely keep an eye on the whole battle sisters issue, but at the moment we are completely absorbed by the launch of the game. The earliest possibility for the sisters to appear would be the first expansion to be honest.
We will see what the future holds.

I have the random question for you about goblin archer camouflage…Did you were inspired to create them by german ww2 zeltbahn camouflage ?

Not exactly, but I played a lot of WW2 games, so its easily possible that I saw it somewhere and got influenced without even being aware of that :)
Now that I think about it, It actually may have been the snipers coat in one of the Silent Storm games, but I cant finde the example right now…

Speaking of legendaries, are they intended to not fulfill named-item-ambition/steam-achievement?
got the emperors head as only special item, nothing though

There is only an achievement for defeating the Black Obelisk battle, not for obtaining a legendary item. If you defeated the obelisk and didnt get an achievement, thats a bug.

How can we get battle brothers save screens ?

Not sure what you mean exactly…the retirement screens?

It’s so fun to mess around with BB assets!

This looks pretty creepy, reminds me of “the thing”

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