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Avatar photoSarissofoi

Hello Psen
Nice to see you back here.
There is two things that keep bothering me and can be probably fixed fast if someone look into them.
One is armored wiedergangers walking in new shiny mail coif and basic mail shirt. Its just look plain wrong. The rest of zombie like undead all come with their dirty armor which look great(especially Fallen Heroes sets)and then some zombie come with this shiny Mail Coif. Its look out of the place. Simple change to their equipped items and replacing it with Rusty Mail Coif should fix it.
Other things is statistics of Basic Mail Shirt and Worn Mail Shirt. They both have the same Armor value (110) but Worn Mail Shirt is lighter 10 fatigue cost vs 12.
I understood that Worn Mail Shirt is degraded version of Mail Shirt(130 armor, 14 fatigue cost).
Thing is Worn Mail Shirt is better and free(looted form raiders) version of paid armor. Simply swapping values for Basic Mail Shirt and Worn Mail Shirt would fix it as Worn Mail Shirt still would be lighter than Mail Shirt like description suggest but would have worse armor to fatigue ratio than brand new Basic Mail Shirt(removing it from riders drop table would also could make players to spend money to buy some early armors instead of looting it entirely).
Hope its not a big problem.
Cheers for release soon.