Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoSarissofoi

Spend more time playing and so some more feedback.

A)Inventory space is still small.
Thanks for bringing back some of the old starting space but its still small. Having repeatable ‘cart’ ambitions(each version could be more costly than one before) would be great. And also it could be used as money sink.

B)Talking about ambitions. Can they be used as a way to collect company wide improvements of life?
Like hiring blacksmith for faster repairs(still used the same tools amount just faster).

C)World map generation.
Still kind of wonky. Especially island cities. By the way can a map generate the place as its own continent(big island) so there are visible map boundaries? Currently there is issue with scaling and moving around map edges. Also map could be somewhat bigger.

D)Settlements and settlement buildings.
I must admit that there is too many empty(no buildings other than market) settlements. It would be nice if most of them have a some basic infrastructure like Inn and/or Temple. Other buildings distribution seems all right.

E)Named weapons
Drop ratio seems rather low but its fine. Low ratio for shops is not that great. Thing that is annoying(kind of) is that named items disappear fast from the shops so player must have cash on hand to buy it or its gone. Also it looks like they are affected by negative town effects so its reduce their ratio even more.

F)Morale system work and well I get used to it. Its not bad just need some tweaking. It would be nice if soldiers receive some small buffs to resolve checks if they have nearby allies.

G)Perks. Recent changes are really nice, especially moving rotation lower. Still some could use some boost.

H)Veteran Levels
It would be nice if primary attributes rise by 0-1 value(affected by talents) and secondary by 1-2(also affected).

I)Accessories and inventory space(bags and belt)
Any way to make bags and belts into actual bags and belts(accessory item) instead of current perk? Small and big version that grant additional one or two space?
Consumable items(antidotes,bandages,mushrooms,poison) could be used directly from inventory slots when accessory slot would be reserved either for dogs/falcon or a special items(trophies,sash etc). It would be make more sense and would be more easier for players to use – espeically because now players can not switch saydog with bandage in battle.
Bags and belt perk is currently very weak.

J)Throwing weapons
Maybe they could be placed in the ammo slot? AN then granting throwing attack(with buff to damage/accuracy if used with no weapons?)

Thanks for
reading this.
Enjoying game so far even if its sometimes frustrating.
Also cheers for speeding animations. its look more smoothly than ever.
K)Scouting locations.
Can we get at last some basic info about what we would be facing in ruins? Like bandits,zombies etc with no list of specific units? Currently scouting with units is really tiresome in Iron man and can be easily bypassed by either retreat and reload or alt f4 and reload. Its simply waste time and is boring.