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sorry for my English in advance.
from the first minute of the game to battle brothers, I realized that this is an incredibly promising and interesting project. I enjoyed watching his development with version 6.19 . I would like to Express my gratitude for this delightful game and to turn to you , Paul. now that the game mechanics introduced all future project entirely depends on you. after 150 hours of play it becomes obvious that the game world needs to expand. this is understandable as the fact that the ass is a hole. now battle brothers have dark atmosphere ,but it is not deep black as in the world of warhammer . it’s dim and bleak. players are not worried tolkl because the gameplay is stretched and stretches very slowly, but after passing 150 or 200 days it becomes clear how small the game world. so the future of this world lies with you , Paul. or you can make it rich and play great , or things remain as they are and after last year the fans get bored endlessly killing same monsters same weapons getting dents on the same armor. Thank you!