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@namespace: One thing I do love about the game is how much debate there is about perks being viable or not. I would like the game less if there was a very clear optimal path. There’s a surprising amount of allowance for play-style development and experimentation. It’s interesting that you don’t use Indomitable. I’ve always loved it because it helps my front line troll/tank orc warriors. What’s your strategy for dealing with the giant bastards?

Kill before be killed. I also take them with 2-handed guys. They all have reach-advantage and 35-50 melee defense. High armor and HP with Steel Brow and Battleforged. As soon as I get some reach advantage stacks they are almost immortal. When they are fatigued and can’t use an AOE attack anymore usually their initiative is very low, so Orc warriors attack first (while RA is still in effect). I then use recover, which brings their initiative back up and I can attack before the orc warriors in the next turn again and get RA stacks back. Ofc they get supported by archers and 2-3 shielders with hammers. Generally since the last beta I try and only have them get surrounded by 3-4 orcs at once (instead of 6 before) because getting attacked builds up fatigue. I have to say though, I don’t engage orcs if I don’t have to because it’s high risk for little reward. Even if they pay ~4-5k, I will get the same or more from daggering hedge knights, leaders and fallen heroes. Decayed plate armor sells for 700-900c, Helmets for 300-500 and Hedge knight armors usually for around 1k+.
Indomitable sounds like a good skill tbh but I never have the perk points. Since I had a guy of mine get oneshot by orc warlord with 2-h axe in beta I now take Steel Brow. It didn’t even break his helmet, durability went down from 330 to 150 and apparently 60+ dmg went through). Now they have 80+ hp and Steel Brow I just hope this is enough.