Reply To: [FEEDBACK] 700+ Hours Total In BB

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* add a ‘rest until morning’ button to taverns… doing so should give the company a small ‘Rested’ buff (+5% all stats for 12 hours)

* add a checkbox for new games that allows players to pick the kind of terrain they favor and want most of (snow, tundra, forest, etc.)

* decouple resource caps (max tools & food) from game difficulty… challenge should come from encounters, not arbitrary resource limits

* decouple harbor transportation fees (traveling via ship) from Brothers’ levels… instead, make it scale per number of Brothers in party

* greatly reduce the chance of direwolf pelts and nezsch teeth dropping, but vastly increase their sell prices (treat them like trophies!)

* add a new faction of late-game, roaming human enemies called ‘Rebels’ (they’re armored, insurrectionist troops of a foreign Great House!)

* remove the ‘getting old’ event for the Swordmaster… it’s frustrating, and casual gamers will review-bomb your game when it happens to them

* speaking of Swordmasters, they’ve been nerfed to oblivion… if you won’t remove the ‘getting old’, then at least halve the event’s penalties

* tone down the amount of enemies with the ‘Overwhelm’ perk… it’s fine for the odd direwolf, but becomes a chore when *every* mercenary has it

* add a new game checkbox titled ‘Beautiful Map’ (round land mass, 5 evenly-spaced-out harbors, snowy mountains in the north, woods in the middle)

* increase the likelyhood of Hunters and Wildmen spawning in remote settlements… the game *really* doesn’t need 90000 beggars and rat catchers

* add a new ‘Cultist’ faction that roams the map… assemble it from available assets, but give them new names like ‘Flaggelant’ (has a flail)

* introduce 4- and 5-skull contracts that would start appearing during mid and late game… use these to drive the game’s difficulty spike

* reduce the chance that mountainous terrain will spawn during map generation… too much of it chokes the world, in a visual sense

* simplify Brothers’ stat distribution so that *every* stat can roll 1-5 on levelups… also, increase possible stars from 3 to 5

* simplify how stars work, because it’s confusing and counter-intuitive… have each star increase the lowest possible roll by +1

* [debatable] let us allocate Brothers’ levelup points via +/- next to each stat (allow for more granular, fine-tuned min/maxing)

* add some randomness to the targeting algorithm of enemy marksmen… currently, they ‘cheat’ by focusing the lowest-def Brother

* tweak dogs’ AI to have them target squishier enemies like archers… also, make them *always* prioritize fleeing/routed foes!

* make unique shields salvageable after being destroyed… by all means, make the repairs very expensive, but let us keep them

* let us purchase goblin poison from vendors… it doesn’t need to be super-available, as long as it pops up from time to time

* after the tutorial, give the company a unique ring item as a token relic of their fallen Captain that dies at the start :(

* the game needs more items in the vein of unique jewelry… also, late-game Undead encounters should drop *much* better loot

* add a ‘Randomize’ button to the Barber… logically, it would give the selected Brother a random face/hair/body combination

* if Paul has some time on his hands, it’d be nice if he could draw 3-4 more tattoos for Brothers’ bodies (even just recolors)

* speaking of Brothers’ bodies, it’d be cool to get a 3rd, hyper-muscular body texture for those 125-HP Colossus’d Wildmen! :D

* somewhat nerf the initiative score of Raiders – they’re mostly level 6-7, and even their heavy units have insane initiative

* nerf the initiative score of all Undead – they’re shambling corpses that are tough and powerful; must they be fast as well?

* either make the Orc charge roll against melee defense, or have it use up the attacking orc’s *entire* pool of Action Points!

* increase the survivability, maneuverability, and lethality of Thug/Bandit/Brigand/Raider enemies wielding two-handed weapons

* increase the ‘evasiveness’ AI of necromancers… currently, it’s far too easy to jump and kill them; they need to move more

* tone down the accuracy and/or damage of Noble crossbowmen – they’re too powerful, and can one-shot even armored Brothers

* slightly increase the damage of Fallen Heroes, but add a 1-corpse-per-turn limit to Necromancers’ raising shenanigans

* and on the topic of risen undead – if their armor/helm was destroyed, how come they have it again when resurrected?!

* add more legendaries, change their color to purple, and get someone to write the items’ backstory (I volunteer! ^^)

* after being stunned (by whatever), make it so the victim gains a 1-turn immunity… this would prevent RNG chains

* implement dual-wielding… no new art assets are needed; simply place the 2nd weapon in the Brother’s shield slot

* allow cities to *gradually* rebuild and repopulate after being destroyed by Orcs and Undead (players should help!)

* if you can’t make cities respawn, then at least have enemies stop attacking once they’ve destroyed the outer areas