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hell.. this is realy a -master list- XD
– a lot of good suggestions i think.

Thanks! :)

It’s the result of months of playtime, and it grew gradually, one point at a time as I was playing. Also, not all of them are mine – a couple are from the Steam forum as well (‘A New Land’ ambition).

*The more damaged armor becomes, the more hp damage characters take on hit. To me, that makes your suggestion for the indomnitable perk less than ideal. A single hit from an orc can all but destroy even good armor, so having to be hit again to get use out of the perk would be a death sentence. I could see making it last for more turns than it does on use.

True, but you have to look at it in context: you’d take such a perk only for Brothers who already wear the heaviest of armors (ie., they can survive a few hits), and who have low or non-existant melee/ranged defense. I always get a veteran or two in my playthroughs that ends up with nice HP, fatigue, melee attack, but absolutely atrocious defensive stats. A reworked Indomitable would be a godsend for such characters, since they can’t use shields due to having to put out 2H damage, and they’re bound to get hit sooner or later. So on top of heavy armor, they get another layer of defense with a damage-lowering Indomitable that’s always active and protects their plated asses! :D

*Exp gain should absolutely not be dropped. If the player is supposed to get used to losing soldiers, and ok with losing entire games, then it shouldn’t take forever to build a combat ready veteran. Your suggestion for the Veteran Hall could mitigate some of that frustration though.

I disagree, but it’s more a matter of personal taste. I play very conservatively and carefully, and do everything I can to minimize risk. Once my core fighting force is past level 6, it’s mostly smooth sailing (unless RNG screws me over with an ambush or a shitty spawn location). If anything, I find the men to level too quickly, and a lot of the fun is gone for me once I’ve got mostly veterans. But again, it’s more a matter of personal taste.

*Early game is tough enough without deadlier 2h raiders/thugs.

Very true. However, late-game it’s been my experience that of all the hostile humans, the 2-handed crowd becomes the least threatening. I’m all for buffing them later on, though not so much at the start of a new campaign.

*I strongly doubt that they will add new factions, but I do like the suggestion.

That’s just the thing though – they should. Consider the ‘snow orcs’ I suggested – you take the regular orcish textures (green skin and grey armor), tweak the RGB values in GIMP or Photoshop, turn the skin white and armors blue, change some named strings, up the stat variables, and there you go, a whole brand new visually distinct faction that can be put into the game to roam the outer edges of the snow-swept north. Same thing with the ‘Rebel’ faction – use existing assets to create heavy late-game enemies for the Player to fight. It takes a bit of work, sure, but nothing that can’t be done in an afternoon or two. Blizzard was infamous for repainting sprites in the first 2 Diablo games, and buffing their stats to ‘create’ new mobs. And you know what? It works. It adds visual diversity, and gives players more enemies to fight. The return-on-investment, time-wise, more than justifies it.

*I love your suggestions on quest generation. There absolutely need to be more on offer. I’m still not sure why I can’t take more than one quest at a time.

Would love a sort of ‘quest log’, tbh. Oh well, a man can dream… :(

*It makes sense that the AI targets characters with the lowest def. I’m definitely looking for a high percentage when I’m picking a target. I certainly don’t consider it cheating. I do wish there was more variability than the predictable ranged turtling, but even that makes sense.

I’m all for realism and smart AI, but not if it trumps fun. I know we, the players, focus-fire enemies to whittle them down quickly and minimize the damage output that’s directed towards our own force. It makes sense. It’s logical. But it’s also really not fun when 5 archers and 5 crossbowmen lategame all focus-fire a single frontliner and kill him before he can even act simply because all enemies have 2 distinct advantages over the Player: there’s always more of them, and they all have insane initiative scores. So, realistic? Yes. Fun? No.

*I like the difficulty of obtaining named items, so I’m not too keen on the reliquary idea. If anything, the frequency of these items popping up in armories should be dropped and the player should be able to find multiple at once by raiding borderland camps.

Why not have both? I’m all for hunting down treasure in the wild, but sometimes I just want to complete a set, for the aesthetic value if nothing else, and no matter how many enemies die, none of the gits wanna drop that rare helm that goes with the armor my company champion is wearing. So the Reliquary would be more of a ‘fill-in-your-blanks’ kind of thing, than a fantasy Wallmart for uniques. Also, its prices would be astronomical, so it all balances out nicely in the end! :)

Most of your quality of life improvements are great, but I’m a bit less excited about some of the leveling suggestions. I’m pretty sure that some of the level up rolls are capped for the sake of balance. In that vein though, the player should absolutely know if that 12,000 hedge knight has a club foot, and said knight should have a much better likelihood of being very talented in certain stats. He’s survived this long hasn’t he?

Well, since we can field a maximum of 12 brothers — and often fight enemy forces that are 3 times as large — I see no reason why our elite veterans can’t have more powerful stats. I mean, have you seen the HP on an orc? And their armor? Some missions have you facing 10 of those moving mountains! Plus a bunch of their young and ‘zerkers. You’re really telling me +2 on each Brother’s stat is unbalanced? :D Note also that not everyone would have 5 stars in everything – in fact, it should be exceedingly rare to find a recruit with even 4 stars, let alone 5. But when you do find one? Oh, the joy! ^^

Some of your perk suggestions, like retrain, I love. Others, like Deathless not so much. It’s implied that the merc band is a human group fighting horrifying forces far larger than themselves. It’s a central feeling of the world since even the noble houses could crush you if you angered them. The band has no special relationship with undead or foul magic to justify the perk.

I realize any justification is flimsy, but I was approaching it more from the side of role-playing, ie., our company’s sergeant falls to a foul necromancer and is raised from the dead, but keeps his personality. I always considered Fallen Heroes to be the equivalent of WoW’s Death Knights – not mindless undead, but sapient men with their own agendas, who work together with necromancers toward personal (yet evil) goals. Again, it’s all flimsy excuses to get an undead Brother and stuff him in a pimpin’ suit of corroded plate with a Grim Reaper hood on top! ^^

Thanks for the big work done, many normal comments and suggestions, but many suggestions for perks look absolutely broken present fragile balance

Well, they’re just that – suggestions. Also keep in mind that the perks are supposed to be late-game elite veteran picks when your 12 men have to face down 3x 25 enemies in town defense or siege missions.