Reply To: Cultist event bug

Avatar photoImzFrozen

My mercenary that is already a cultist is trying to convert himself into a cultist, how does that even work? Here is a picture

Also other cultists are trying to convert him(Balthier the Piercer) into a cultist but he already is a cultist.

Ummm … do you happen to purposely recruit Cultists, Monks & Flagellants just because it’s fun to see if:
1.) You can keep them alive for any length of time.
2.) The fun times when they get to fighting and converting? ;-)
That’s one of my “basic builds”. I’m glad to see that the frequency of Cultists has risen in the final release. I may reform “Davkuhl’s Darlings” after all!

I only recruit Cultists to get the legendary armor set.

Btw bug seems fixed, thanks for your work.