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@hruzaI’m familiar with formation, it’s one of the most basic aspects of the game. Being ambushed (engaged by a bandit/hostile party) in the swamp or forest completely overrides any pre-configured formation you have. Instead the map generates brothers and attackers in a random scatter around the donkey carts.

Didn’t have caravan ambush under such conditions yet, so I won’t comment on that. However In normal attacks on caravan, when you start formed with guard and cart behind you, they will form in to line with you if you give them room. At first I thought that they do nothing but cover behind my back. But then on one occasion I have moved my brothers to the side and back in order to duel it with enemy archers first. To my surprise caravan guards steeped forward and formed center of the battle line where my brothers originally stood -roughly where my second line originally was. AI in this game is one of the best I saw. Kudos to those who codded it.

@hruzaMy question is why is a party of necrosavants with such high world map speed randomly generated at all in the mid-game? There are very few enemies that can outrun you sure. But there’s not a damn thing that can outrun a necrosavant, let alone 5.

As I said, sometimes you run out of luck.

@hruzaLosses are inevitable. I can live with that. I’m just not convinced that certain aspects of the game are fine tuned well enough that all loses are adequately earned.

Sometimes it’s not you who did mistake, you have simply rolled relay bad RNG score. So far my impression is that game scales well with player. Fact that you sometimes can run in to something well about your level is good design in my opinion (for this game), because it keep tension and that means fun. And is realistic. How many times did you run in to 5 roaming necrosavants so far? As long as they are exception, I wouldn’t consider it broken. After all, it’s not the game end even if you loose all 12 of your brothers.

Besides, there is “fail safe button” in every battle. It just comes with penalty. But compared to loosing all you brothers, I consider it light. I fell it to be almost cheating therefore so far I refrained from using it (making it sort of houserule), even if it meant loosing some brothers.

I am not trying to dismiss your valid opinion, just giving you my point of view.