Reply To: Improvement suggestions

Avatar photoSekata

1. Mercenaries are indeed good at killing, but they do it for a reason (yes, coins :p). I mean, it’d be nice to have different combat scenarios available.

3. Don’t get me wrong, I love the combat system – otherwise I wouldn’t be playing this game! I just think the available tactics could be a bit more varied. For example, I was mentioning a ranged combat group: I feel this is very hard to do right now, at least in early-mid game (I don’t have max level guys so I don’t know what kind of perks lie ahead). I wish wearing light armor would make me faster and more agile than someone in a heavy armor, so I could actually stay at a distance and land some shots. At the moment, a heavy armor doesn’t make you slower, it only reduces your max fatigue, so it’s easy to catch up with a ranged fighter that’s wasting APs on shooting at you instead of moving.

I think one thing that would add a lot of diversity would be to add active skills on chest armors. For example, a very light armor could give you a skill that allows you to move 1 tile for 0 AP and a bit of fatigue, or a skill that allows you to walk out of a control zone with a slight dodge bonus. Medium armors could be meant for high damage melee fighters without a shield, giving a dodge stance skill or a charge skill. Heavy armors could give various tanking skills.

Adding an extra skill on the chest armor pieces would allow for quite a bit of specialization and add plenty of options in combat – new ways to spend your APs, i.e. new tactics.

Sorry if it’s a terrible idea, I’m just making it up as I go :)

I wouldn’t call it a bad idea. Most of the more complex tactics are just about impossible at lower levels. That much I’ll admit. Higher level brothers could be made into competent skirmishers with a combination of pathfinder and footwork. Specing in dagger proficiency and getting nimble can make a light armored brother extremely deadly to a knight. But again, most of those more complicated builds are gated behind levels. The veterans hall is nice, but I don’t find it sufficient for quick training. Maybe we’ll see more in the future, but a lot is up in the air. The devs will be taking a break shortly based on the blog, and may or may not be able to continue development.