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I don’t know how “hiding” mechanics works in game, I expected hidden brothers to be invisible just like his units are to me. Was there some dev blog about hide mechanics? Myself I would be interested in this. I didn’t utilize hiding to much so far as it is very situational but I was planing to explore it bit more.

They are hidden unless they attack, which un-hides them for the remainder of the turn. You can also see them if they are engaged in melee.

Anyways, you are talking about late-game and sekata is talking about early game if I understand that correctly.
Sure if I already have brothers in heavy armor and my 3-4 archers have 20-30 ranged def with Anticipation they don’t pose that much of a threat anymore. It’s just that early they pose a really big threat but even later the lucky headshot can still happen.
Generally crossbows are the most dangerous weapons in the game because of how little counter play there is for them. Master Archer with warbow is hardly a threat. Same for goblin ambushers. But beware the lucky shot from an Overlord!
Yes, 2-Handed weapons are dangerous too but at least you can counter play with stuns or overwhelm, knockback etc or simply retreat.