Reply To: Ranged balancing

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Fair point, and i’m not saying it should be impossible, just more difficult. This is why my suggestion is more to change how crits work with ranged weapons which atm can be quite broken (i can show u a screen shot of my ranged taking 57 dmg from a light crossbow hit while wearing 70/70 durability helmet). Personally, and just my opinion, changing crossbows to be unable to crit, change their crit chance to something lower than 25%, change the mechanic so the crit only does 1.5x damage to armor but no extra to body, special helmets u can buy to decrease crit chance, easier to find/train archers, decrease archery skill of marksman/poachers, all are valid. And I don’t think it has to be a big change, just some minor balancing to how ranged works atm. Of course this is just my opinion and for all I know making some of these changes could potentially unbalance the game in other regards.