Reply To: Ranged balancing

Avatar photohruza

However the AI can field more units and does not have to worry about limited resources and time. Not only do these units spawn with their stats and gear, but they can easily show up 15+ strong to an engagement. An enemy spawning instantly with a perk is in no way similar to you having to get your guys through 6+ engagements to take the same perk. Lets say I take your suggestion and hire 3-4 brothers with decent ranged stats and give them very light armor with crossbows. Will they be at all comparable to enemy marksmen with crossbow mastery? I haven’t looked at the code myself. I can’t comment on what other advantages or disadvantages they may or may not have. To recap:

Greater Unit fielding capability + No logistical or resource cap means that it is not presented on an even field with the player.
The same rules do not in any way apply to the player. The marksmen you can field yourself are some of the most deadly units around if you can get them to the proper level, so the charge that the players marksmen aren’t any good isn’t true. What is true is that the player and the AI are in no way subject to the same rules. It is not an even field.

No, field is in fact still in player’s favor. They can spawn with more then 12, but they can spawn also with less. Meanwhile it’s in players hands how many brothers he will bring (up to 12). AI spawns with equipment, yes, but can’t change it. It can’t reequip based on how many ranged did you player brought to battle. Did player brought lot of ranged and bandit have spawned without the shield? Bad luck. AI spawns leveled, but can’t level more. It’s struck at the same level and equipment forever. In most cases AI can’t decide when to fight and when not. You can outrun it and it won’t retreat from the battle unless loosing. Yes AI does not have to pay wages, not it have to feed it’s troops. But it also can’t hire more and buy better equipment. Those are just examples where player have advantage. You can sure find more. And then there is human brain, which no AI can compete with. It will newer learn from mistakes.