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I think on expert the ranged is more unbalanced (@hruza u gave statistics, would love to know if that was beginner/veteran/expert), when in the early to mid game you go up against 2-4 ranged more consistently, with crossbows and some rng they can decimate your brothers without an ability to react (i.e. with 1 ranged, a crossbow hit to head allows you to move away and protect him from ranged, vs. 2-4 ranged you sometimes don’t have time to react and instead have 4 ranged shots on your guy, giving no time to make a decision to “save” ur pawn). With a small roster and difficult access to quality rdps and heavy necessary investment, to me as a matter of balancing I just think making the crossbow have like a -5%/-10% to crit (to go with its 15% chance to hit increase). At the moment going against a group of raiders with more than 2 crossbow enemies I just know I will lose a brother or 2 because of this effect. And as a matter of realism, I would argue that it is much harder to hit the head with a ranged than with a melee weapon, so even adding something like a -1% crit chance per tile away from target would further balance things. Of course if this unbalances other parts unintentionally its a bad idea, hence why it’s important to have a discussion. Thanks to everyone so far who have included their thoughts in this post.