Reply To: Bow and Crossbow

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Thank you for your ideas and thoughts i really like that so many people said their ideas

About bolts being smaller and lighter version of arrow it really depends if you google it yo ucan find massive iron/steel bolts that were much heavier and could do massive damage but ofc we also had small wooden bolts with iron endings, but still after you learn perk Bow Mastery you start to shoot even at more distance 2 more tiles than xbow.

About getting 70+ ranged skill i have 3 archers and they have right now 62-67 range skill on level 4-5 so i think getting 70 skill is possible.

I understand why thinking that xbow is slower that is why we gave him 1 shot per turn compared to bow is ok, but 2 shots have almost same hit chance and the problem is that picking right perks 2 shots gives archer insane boost.

For example:
Overwhelm will allow you with 1 archer to debuff enemies so hard (2 shots are more than 1)
Berserk will allow you to make another shot after kill, crossbowman wont be able to do it coz of 7 ap reload (or you will make 1 shot but next turn you will make reload shot and thats all, no AP for reload)
Fearsome – (coz in total 2 shots on medium distance have higer chance to hit than 1 shot from xbow)
Fast Adaption – can compensate your accuracy at low levels and again 1 xbow shot miss +8%, 2 arrows +16% chance to hit enemy on next turn.

And don’t forget Bow Mastery that gives you in total +2 range over xbow
You know that having even 10% chance to hit that nasty back-line must kill enemy is much better than having 0 chance to shoot at it at all.
For example ghosts you don’t need to damage them hard, you need to just kill it before it gets close to your men and makes them run like little girls.
And one more huge + of bow is that you can make a move and shot at least 1 arrow and it won’t affect your next turns and with xbow you can retreat only once, coz on next round you will do reload and after it shooting (In this case i really recommend for game devs to make xbow shooting 4 ap and reload 4ap, for much better balance)

Sorry for huge text i just REALLY love xbows in games and it feels kinds weak compared to a bow, or just same, but cost of xbow is not same it costs much more (and yes i know that historically xbow were not so cheap as bows)