Reply To: Some Necrosavants Part II: The Rustling

Avatar photoSekata

To be clear, I have issues with quite a few things in the game. Maybe you can recover from a bad dice roll. Is it fun? Is the player under the impression that adequate tools were given to cope with a situation and he/she simply failed to use them? These are my standards when judging a game that encourages Iron Man play.

The End Game crisis is fun but feels rushed and slightly unbalanced. I say this having played through 2/3 of them successfully in one campaign before restarting the game. It’s incredibly immersion breaking to be sitting in an army camp with a noble house and have to dodge 3 randomly generated bandit armies to save strength for the actual quest encounter.

Quests randomly punish the player by having encounters that cannot be anticipated or avoided (stolen good caravans/ mercs after package). These are things that may be intended, but are not fun and do not lead me as the player to believe that I have much ability to change the results in the game. I’m not sure that’s the atmosphere that is meant to be cultivated in an Iron Man intended game. I will point them out here in the forum. I have no way of knowing if its intended if I do not comment on it and give feedback.

The negotiation system, worldmap spawns, relationships, all of these things could use a once over. There is no feeling that the player can actually negotiate with the leader of a town that he has saved many times form orc invasion or werewolf scourge. It seems like flavor text. I say that as feedback, because I do not know if that feeling is intended, or if the system is implemented that way for time constraints.

My assumption is that I am free to give feedback and the devs can decide that it’s intended or unintended. If these sorts of things are intended then I am simply not the intended audience for this type of game. Even that is worth knowing. Much of it could be me misunderstanding a lot about the game and the intended audience. That’s perfectly possible.