Reply To: Chance to hit the head

Avatar photoSekata

Yes, but only in that it makes chance to hit target more probable in general. It does not increase chance to hit head specifically, which is probably what you are asking for.

So … “no” then would have been a better answer.

No, the answer Hruza gave was the better one because it addresses an indirect condition and provides more clarity. If the chance to hit the enemy is higher in a given circumstance then the chance to hit the head is affected indirectly even if the stat presented does not change. If I have a 100% chance to hit the target, then I can take the 25% chance to hit the head at face value. If I have a 12% chance to hit the target, then I absolutely will not roll the dice with the expectation that I have a 1/4 chance of getting a critical hit.

The stat “Chance to hit head” only tells you the chance to hit the head on hit to target. It is static and assumes a static situation. Your real chance of hitting the head from situation to situation changes even if the stat itself is not programmed to show that change statistically.