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Tier by Tier, the crossbow has advantage on armor piercing stat. The only exception appears to be the masterwork bow, which has 75% armor pen. Even then, it’s equal to the heavy crossbow in the armor pen stat, and eclipsed by it if the brother using the crossbow has the Crossbow Mastery perk (+20% to top out at 95% pen). I’m using the wiki for the numbers, so this is reliant on them being up to date. Either way, the crossbow mastery perk gives it an edge that bow mastery doesn’t confer.

Ah. I checked again. Warbow has 65% eff against armor 35% armor pen and Heavy Crossbow has 75% eff. 50% pen.
I really wonder if the armor penetration is enough to deal with Hedge knights. Does he die before his armor gets completely shredded? How many shots is that?
On my guy with crossbow mastery and heavy crossbow: 50-70 to HP, 0(35)-49 can Ignore Armor, 37-52 dmg to armor.
If a Hedge Knight is wearing Coat of Scales and Full Helmet: With armor taken into account (-10% of remaining armor) this drops to 9-24 on the first shot, 12-29 on the second (provided it hits the same bodypart). It really depends on how much HP they have I guess. I was thinking around 200 but maybe I’m wrong.
I suppose a famed crossbow with extra armor penetration and damage would be insane. Imagine 70-90 dmg and 100% penetration with mastery. The 20-25 damage that the armor will absorb won’t matter that much if ~50-60 dmg go through anyways, not to mention crits.