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If you want to argument, at least google a bit, and find some references if you want to crictise something, like the weight of shields. “I don’t think so” is no argument.

Is that huge sparthan bronze shield? There no shield of that kind in the game or in medieval warfare. Try look at this

That link, which was supposed to be in a quote.
And i actually HAD some evidences. I know is a bit difficult in this topic, but dont sparse your attention, please.

PS And i should remind you, guys, that game already have max fatigue penalty for wearing stuff which, increases with weight of that stuff and that is absolutely logical thing for me.

Those are 16th century shields… You said yourself we’re talking about the medieval here. These shields are a far cry from what would’ve been used in the time period of Battle Brothers (13th/14th century.) By the late 14th century, shields began to become less popular. At the time of the 16th century, shield use wasn’t nearly as common as it was and size has decreased due to the significantly increased effectiveness of armour. Some specialised troops like the Spanish rodelero still carry it en masse but it was no longer the norm. These troops were not in use for a long time and quickly disappeared due to their tactical inadequacies. It was clear that shields at this time was not nearly as useful as it was centuries ago.

These shields are all quite small with the biggest one being 24″, which is significantly smaller than even the average roundshield of Battle Brothers (which would probably be about 30″)…

16th century rodelero with a 23″ shield, usually referred to as a rodela/target.

All in all, 10 kg shields definitely existed in the forms of Pavise, but was probably still not very common. The shields in Battle Brothers would probably be around 5-8 kg.