Reply To: My long list of suggestions for the game.

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I think viewing Battlebrothers as a roquelike is a mistake. Sure, it can feel that way if you wipe at day 10, but that is because the balancing of early – mid – and lategame is terrible.
Early game (let’s say day 1-50) is really difficult because world map spawns are sometimes waaaaaaaay above your level (Necrosavants at day20, 4-6 marksmen with crossbows). Then early midgame ~day 50-100 is still difficult if you had some setbacks early on but if you played perfectly you will start steam rolling any enemy that you face. Midgame would be around day 100-250 (1st and 2nd crisis maybe). This is basically where you will be invincible because none of the enemies aside from geists and orcs maybe pose a real threat. At around day 300 the late-game starts and the game sets you up against stuff like 6 honor guards and 20 legionaires or 12+ orc warriors, a warlord and 10+ young/zerkers. Or 3 Master Archers, 2 Hedge Knights, 2 Leaders and a Swordmaster. This is when even experienced soldiers can die again and the game becomes frustrating once more (but also very exciting).

Anyways. I like a lot of your suggestions for more QOL improvements.
I especially agree that we do need more transparency about game mechanics. We really need more information. I remember buying HOMM2 and 3. They had these little guide books with them explaining game and combat mechanics. Even if you buy them today on GOG you will get these as PDFs.
Don’t get me wrong. I do like trial and error concerning different strategies. The thing is it’s really hard to get to develop these tactics or strategies if you don’t know the game mechanics.

TLDR; “Late” game crises are happening in the early- to mid-game and balancing is off. BB is no roquelike as it takes forever to level your troopers and roque likes usually have very short run. BB is more like skyrim where you spend a ton of time exploring the world and leveling up imo.