Reply To: My long list of suggestions for the game.

Avatar photoWaterd

But I can see from the pov that this is not a rouglike that even if i plan to retire on the end of the first lategame crisis. The game is still a little too big for me. Maybe I should retire not at the end of the lategame crisis, but when it starts, maybe my company will go “oh crap, things going to hell, time to retire”

I really enjoyed the first 60-80 days, but the game is starting to slow and get dense. Fights of 30/40 units are not fun again and again, thanks to the big battle map, and turn based system. That is the beauty of a system, like the ones Master of orion or Heroes of might and magic. You never have more than 12/14 units in the battlefield, and they all start on the face of each other. Having to play this massive battles again and again, becomes very dense very fast. I think a lot of the mechanics of the game are great, but the game should be a little faster, shorter and smaller for my taste. I hope in the future there is a mod/expansion/sequel which accomplishes that.