Reply To: My long list of suggestions for the game.

Avatar photoWaterd

Based on what I read on RPG forums and im talking with a friend that tried the game on my recomendation. It seems the progress of the game is more than a personal problem.

I think the first 30 days of the game are great, 30-60 are ok, after day 60 it starts to go downhill and starts to be a lot more boring.

I see many opinion on why it is, but I tihnk the most basic answer is that the game gets too big.

When you are having 6-8 guys with 1 or 2 guys in reserve, with each guy having mostly primary weapons and 2 or 3 perks, the game is of decent size.

But once you have 12 guys with 6-8 on reserve on constant cycle, with most having secondary weapons, wtih items and 6-7 Perks, it’s starts to get annoying to manage, not only outside the battle, but mostly inside the battle.

The ui doesnt help, I have to be remembering who was the guy with the rotation skill, who brougth the nets, who has the dog, who has the banaids.
All In massive 12 batles with allies vs 24 enemies, that slowly drags in 45 minute battles. Where I have to be considering the perks, secondary abilities, the stats of each of my 12 guys that I don’t remember well because they are part of a 18-20 guy batallion.

It all adds up to too much and stops being fun, and feeling like work.

If there is intention/will to discuss solutions, I could try to bring some ideas, but so far that is my experience, I’m on day 85 now, crisis didn’t even start yet, and I don’t feel like continuing, however I feel it would be interesting to start over to enjoy the early game but when i realize there is no fun ENDPOINT, I think it’s gonna be enough for me until something changes.
I think there are great mechanics and system in place for a great experience from start to finish. But right now while the start is amazing, the experience starts to downgrade, I think It’s one of the problems of starting to design an experience is that is so long in a single run.