Reply To: survived to day 80 without single man dying, then one battle crushed me

Avatar photomrbunnyban

I’m a big advocate of not playing iron man until you’ve encountersed every type of enemy and have devised strategies how to deal with them.

…that’s not the advise you wanted to hear I’m sure, but that’s all I got. Sorry!

In case you were interested, here are some anti-orc warrior tactics. I just realised after writing it that you’re not asking for it so just ignore it if you don’t want it.

Orc warriors have knockback attacks, yes. but they do not have footwork. So if your archers have footwork and the orc warriors are still engaged to a friendly after the knockback, you can easily save the archer. The orc will very likely do it AGAIN, but now you’re wasting the orc’s time. Footwork only costs 3 AP after all, so you can take a lot of effective actions.

Indomitable perk stops knockback attacks completely. Knockbacks will NOT work if the orc cannot push your guy into a space further away from him. So positioning matters. For example, I had a fight being ambushed in the forest and made it so there was no space to be knocked back into. At the very least, you can see which of your archers are vulnerable to being exposed after a frontliner is knocked back, and which ones are not.