Reply To: (Need) Late game strategy help

Avatar photohruza

If you can’t face an army of 24 orcs, it’s because man player voted to reduce the number of mercenary to only 10 or 12…

There is no or. 12. That’s number of brothers you can have at the start of the battle. You can have 21 in total. You can recruit 20 and it can increase to 21 with events.

which is a total non sense… I wish we could get as many mercenary as we need… a 24 25 team size would be great in order to face a big army.

There are hardware limits on how many brothers you can have. True, that limit is much higher then 12, but limit no less. Having limit also makes sense because managing too many would simply be tedious. Large armies of orcs are there to give player challenge, especially late game. Increasing limit of your brothers to 25 would require increasing size of orc armies to 100. Every turn in such battle would take forever. Not to mention need for larger battle maps.