Reply To: 2-h hammmer is worse than 2-h axe in every way; I believe it needs a buff.

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2H Hammer and Greatsword are similar, but have striking differences. The Greatsword allows the 2-tile straight line aoe, which is commonly used to hack archers or pikemen. Shatter, on the other hand, has a chance of doing knockback along with the stagger. Which means that, for example, Full-size Nachtzehrers have to waste another turn to devour a person, because they need to spend all of their AP to devour. In most other cases, it wastes AP for the enemy to walk back into the melee; as in they won’t get two attacks off. Also likely: the 3-man queue to trigger Berserk will repopulate again, with a weakened group considering the survivors of the first Shatter walk back in.

Also: 2H hammers do 1-shot head hits a lot easier than Greatswords (through helmets), simply by virtue of the higher armor bypass.