Reply To: My list of suggestions and feedback

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Thank you for your reply hruza.

After playing to Battle Brother a couple of hour, I had some new suggestions that came to my mind.

– It would be great if we could have healer in the group, someone who can heal team mate that are near him or, why not, having some sort of druide or sorcerer that could also use magic against enemy. As the Battle Brother world have Orcs, Werewolf and the like, it wouldn’t surprise me to find some magics in this game and it would be very handy at battle.

– I would love to see different kind of elves in the game, just like the one of the Elder Scroll V. The forest elves could hire us for either getting ride of orcs or white elves, etc.

– I’d be great if we could have Elves, Dwarf, Orcs or Werewolf, and Magicians in our team…

It could be nice to have Dwarf region just like the Orcs’one.

Concerning food, it would be great to know the mechanics in order to give order to my team mate to either fish, hunt animal or look for food in the forest. I don’t really like it to be a random event as I sometime am very low on food and this kind of action could be very handy.

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