Reply To: Can´t raid the big goblin base

Avatar photoepman13

First off all the melee goblins are attacking first round, both wolf´s and fighters.

The problems seems to be now, that the combination off CC/ranged and then some off the Goblins are running armor piercing swords, literally end in that a goblin archer, are changeing weapon to the armor piercing sword, hit´s a lvl 21 brothers with close to 400 armor, ignores the armor and killing the brohter. This ofc after the Overser is hitting with the Crossbow, that are also armor piercing, and taking close to half off the helth.

Dont know if it´s a broken game mechanic, on this lvl off the game, or i just need to run the fight so many times, that i am lucky that they dont use the armor piercing swords and the 3 overser´s miss the shot.