Reply To: Life after the release (is there life on Mars).

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The developers decided on a detailed battle log. Many thanks. Only one request, if you decide to do it, then please do it properly. The fact that there is in your tweeter is not a detailed log -it is more like ” hm… well, the enemy hits you and he was lucky” .
Do it right, quality, let there be specified all the conditions, perks and abilities that affect these chances. Let there be indicated in the numbers the attacking abilities and defenses of both the player and the enemies.

something like that :
Enemy atacks TargetName
Attack of the enemy – 60
Def TargetName – 70
The TargetName stands on the hill – the enemy’s attack minus 10
Total chance 5%
The enemy, of course, –

Damage (such as the rolls, so much that is absorbed by armor, battle forget, indomitable, ignor armor )
The TargetName gets the damage – the trigger for the injury – of course gets the trigger for the morale (odds) of the failure of course …
Well and so on

Be sure to indicate the primary goal for the enemy shooters, we must see when they are so successfully miss out into the inaccessible range or hidden in the bushes wounded brothers