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Avatar phototarduk

okey, that’s my suggestions;

-real maps, real cities, real houses and real legends like lord dracula, cannibals or barbarians.
-are growing cities possible? patrician 2 is a good and simple example for this.
-no woman no cry but women can fight too. maybe %10 of all warriors can be woman.
-no ethnicity. i want to see an african with his spear like djimon hounsou in the movie gladiator.
-no myhtology or religion but it can be a good idea for creating sacred places, legendry items or gaining reputation.
-i want to marry with a noble girl in this game. maybe i can be a mayor for a city.
trace and commerce can be a new way to extend and have a new vision. islands can have different raw material and it’s a cause to go there.
-if we got raw material, now we can start to learn crafting.
-no voices. it’s a real problem after playing 10 hours. i want to hear an human voice!!!
-in the game GTA2, (it was my last gta lol) we work for 3 different mafia families. there is a balance with these 3 families and if we complete a duty for a family, an other family could be angry for this. it was a good opportunity for this game.
-i want to create my own with a creation screen!
-i want to hear that my soldiers ideas about me and they ask to gamble with me, i want to ask them this too. this is interaction.

this game is a great beginning for a legend.