Reply To: How fearsome be relatively weak?

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Actually the main topic I think is fearsome perk, due to the current system it has little sense of presence.

As for bounty hunter, they’re strong, not because of their ability, but their amount, they always come with 20+ of them in the 20+ 30+days, non-winable.
Actually 6 vampires are much easier than 24 bounty hunter, you can win 6 vampire at a certain price, they are weak in amount you can win with net, surrounding, mace to stun, shield or pike to repel. No matter how strong it is, it can’t hurt you anymore. Actually if 6 of them come in 30+ day, Im sure I can win them with none hit with good tactic.
But, bounty hunter, 20+ of them, it’s only a joke, never could win.