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Avatar photoNite

1. There is missing ability to repair items in towns – sometimes it realy needed fast, and you have no backup armor in stash etc. Maybe blacksmith can do it for you.

2. Also, combat log is pretty poor. I want see not only hits, but misses too. Maybe there will be an option to show miss/hit/wait/abilities used etc. I know enemy stat is hiden from a player to make it more exp based etc and this is great, but let us at least see what happened visualy on the screen (some times when i have to wait many others actions i just go for a kitchen to get some tea or like).

3. Fighting with many units are realy annoying (like helping big caravans/troops and vs ~20+ enemies). It’s ok when they act, but somethimes there is shooting war while others are just skiping their turns, and skiping and skiping. So suggestions:
3.1. Maybe there can be a button like “end this turn now” (for your guys).
3.2. Even when all skiping their turns, this takes time too. You can just press “wait”/”end turn” for you brother and go next – you need to wait ~1+ sec for order-board animation. I want an option to reduce this time – i want just press Enter, Enter, Enter for 3 guys in a row fast. And waiting enemies takes realy a lot of time skiping their turns too. Make it much faster pls. Maybe near instant, but with some indication floating over their heads (like “berserk” skill, but with timer/cancel sign icons). And let “unit wait” displayed in combatlog.