Reply To: tips for getting good range skill recruits

Avatar photohruza

what backgrounds, typically have good range skill?

Poachers tend to be the most affordable ranged specialists. Their ranged attack tend to be somewhere around 45-50 range.

Bowyers are probably next. They have similar stats to poachers but in my experience they tend to be slightly more expensive to recruit. Sometimes you can get cheap one however and they have potentially good event when they build you a very good bow (or very bad one).

You may try your lack with Gambler, they have good initiative and ranged defense but tend to lag behind poachers in ranged attack.

The more expensive ranged backgrounds are Witchhunters (ranged attack at par with Poacher but better resolve), Deserter (good for hybrid builds, but lack resolve), Sellswords (best all around background in game but very expensive), Raiders (good all around background, but ranged attack tend to be in 40-45 range). Best ranged specialist in game is Hunter, he tend to have highest ranged attack but falls behind in other fields so it’s best utilized as a pure ranged specialist.

That said, you should always look for talents. If you can find Militia or Caravan Guard with 40-45 ranged attack and 2 or 3 stars in it, you got yourself very good candidate for hybrid build (crossbow/polearm for example).

Also if you have a more then one poacher and/or hunter in your party, they can trigger event when they hold competition -for expending 30 ammo they will both gain 1 skill in ranged.