Reply To: How to get good?

Avatar photohruza

A cripple costs 30 bucks. Not really punishing to lose one.

He also costs food and daily payment. And unless you intend to send him in to combat with bald head and rags, you have to figure in cost of the armor which you are likely to loose when he goes down.

You may still get profit in certain quests but:

-early game is strife against the time with you being on the verge of bankruptcy and every coin counts.

-if you are implementing meatshield tactics in any systematic way, you likely need more then one meatshield in battle. Loosing 3 cripples gone hurt.

-every meatshield in your party jeopardizes your combat ability against the enemy who scales with size of your squad. With limit on size, he occupies place in your squad instead of a somebody who can actually be effective and help you win the fight.

If you use meatshield tactics occasionally, depending on conditions, it can be fine. But as a meaningful tactics for beginner player who struggles with the game -it’s recipe for bankruptcy and disaster.