Reply To: How to get good?

Avatar photogenyl

Use very few (or none) ranged and fight brigands at night (archers get penalty at shooting during the nigh)

Don’t forget that ranged defense get proportionately same penalty during night as ranged attack, so disadvantage of ranged at night isn’t that large. Ranged are still dangerous, especially against targets who rely on ranged defense. So don’t underestimate enemy ranged just because you fight at night.

spears and flails(because you get the best flail weapon soon) are very good, however these weapons are bad in end game so don’t specialize in them (maybe 1 flail but absolutely no spears)

Not really true. Spears can still be used late game effectively. The top tier spears have decent armor damage and high level spear specialists are good at creating mobile obstacles with spearwall to channel enemy, protect against flanking and such. Their bonus attack chance is very useful against enemies with high defense and low health/armor like geists. And you can increase effectivity of spear with duelist.

Usually ranged defense is lower than enemy’s skill so you gain. Still true you should still advance behind your shields

They can indeed be effective but in my experience they are sub par. Maybe one to cover the flank but they seem to run out of fatigue/get overwhelm soon and I’m talking about fights with 40+ enemies. Which difficulty are you talking about? have you beaten the crisis in that difficulty using how many spears? I may give it another try if you have done so