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Hallo Namespace and loci

To know when and how I can dagger raiders for their armor seems to be a reasonable thing to learn as the next step. My problem is that I most of the times don’t get the timing right. Those raiders either flee and get hit while trying to do so and therefore lose their armor or could hurt my brothers still and because of that the risk is to big to try. I tend to wait to long to attempt the dagger kill. Way easier are wiedergänger in that regard. Those guys don’t flee and also attack just once per round. Most of my mail right now I got from them.

Thugs indeed show from time to time in the first 20 days. I am always happy when I see a group of thugs with just a few raiders. Sometimes I can steel the armor of the raider, which is quite a happy coincidence. But this occasions are seldom for more most of the time the bands that I have met in the first 20 days consisted of at least a few raiders with poacher or a marksman and a few few thugs or just raiders. Once I saw a band of 5 necrosavants at around day 15. Luckuily I could run away from them. I always use my mouse to hover over them to know what troops they actually have. But thanks for the tip! This could have been a huge help, if I didn’t have done so already.

Currently I still roam the lands with the band of brothers which I described in my last post. Now we are on day 40 and I lost one brother, but still gained so much in this battle that is was totally worth it. But once I had to reload because of geists showing in one ancient ruin that I was trying to raid. Those to geists just screamed once and three of my brothers failed every possible morale check. They started to run away instandly. My right flank was in shambles. Even my sergeant with more than 100 resolve and a battle standard couldn’t rally them. I tried again after reloading. In this case the geists split up. This was way easier! Nobody ran and I could easily consolidate my brothers through rally the troops and killing wiedergänger. But whatever I should learn through this battle I don’t get it. I did nothing different in the second try. I just got lucky that the geists decided to split up. Well maybe enlightenment comes later.

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