Reply To: New recruit preview tooltip

Avatar photoWargasm

I think it’d be good for the early/mid game to have some selective revealing of traits and talents. In the late game, once you’ve got lots of gold, you can hire/fire non-professional recruits at will, and firing a mediocre recruit from one background guarantees that another (possibly better) recruit from that same background will soon appear at some settlement (i.e. firing more recruits increases your odds of finding a rare elite one).

I’m not sure that the “Strong” trait would be visible to the naked eye, because the game treats the max-fatigue attribute as a mixture of strength and stamina (i.e. durability for performing assorted feats of strength/speed/power). Since weapon skills generally wouldn’t require super-human strength to be performed in the first place, it’s quite possible that one recruit with a vast muscle mass and a massive excess of strength for the skills would still tire out relatively quickly, whereas another with a more moderate muscle mass (but still more than enough strength for each skill) would be able to keep at it for ages.