Reply To: New DLC; fixes of current content wishlist

Avatar photoThorHC

I would like to see a 1H nimble duelist buff to be actually viable late game option to 2H heavy armour.
Keypoint is to bring Initiative atribute to the table – right now its just garbage stat. I would rework dodge, anticipation and nimble perk to be directly bound to Initiative.

Dodge perk give you 25% Initiative as a bonus to melee defense (0 range defense bonus).
Anticipation perk give you same 25% current Initiative as a bonus to range defense.
New Moxie perk (Tier 5/6) – 5% current Initiative as a bonus to Fatigue recover (so 100 Initiative = free Iron Lungs perk).
Completly reworked Nimble perk – All penetrating HP damage is redirected to damage Fatigue pool instead of HP pool. HP damage is dealt only when Fatigue pool is depleted. Ability is restricted for non-metalic armor.