Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photoLove Gun

Hey Paul,

since each enemy unit usually does have three different visual versions, are there also two more for each of the regional variants of the Unhold?
Speaking of which, don’t you owe us two more visual versions of the Lindwurm? ;P

If there aren’t or won’t be any more visual versions of them, could the different regional variants be made more distinct?
Of course they all already have a different theme, but they all for example share the exact same eyes/eye color, upper teeth, shape of ears, nose and “double chin”.
I like the fact, that the Hill Unhold has tooth stumps instead of those carnassials the others have.

As the Unhold’s portrayal isn’t really capabale to convey their actual size, which is supposed to be three times the size of men; how about making it impossible to hit their head with melee weapons and deactivating the hit-chance-bonus due to height advantages against them?
On the same note, is the Unhold actually immune against being pulled, pushed, stunned, staggered and netted? The dev blog doesn’t say anthing about that.
If not, it should be, because it is way too big.