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Avatar photokem

Hah! Barbute just screams for a famed/ alternative version with a more tightly closed face. In black and white mono colours. That generic D&D paladin/blackguard/warcraft footman/hoplite, etc.
Dunno if that is good idea tbh :) Mayne for a meme/legendary/easter egg item.

Current famed sallet iirc has a vison penalty, so, if you want to introduce regular sallet, please don’t forget to adjust it accordingly and get a replacement for a -1 vision named helm.

Ah, well, guess, current version of kettle hats, that has a fully open face, wich obscure vison no more than a baseball hat, will remain as is.

As well as a lack of really light famed caps, demanded by current nimble. I wish we could get a fancy duelist’s hat.