Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photoyoricksha

Hey there, nice to hear that you’re enjoying the DLC. Right now we are very busy with the release aftermath, so it will take some time until we show new stuff. We’ll try to update you as soon as possible though.

Yep, I can imagine how busy you are now with getting feedback, bugfixing and balancing. See all this whine all over the internet about hexes and alps.

My two cents on game balance though is that new nimble perk makes just two archetypes viable: battleforged super heavy armor bro or naked nimble unkillable machine. There is no room for medium armor builds in current meta.
Hope you can balance it to encourage player to put some thinking into building nimble bro. IMO it has to be better in light fatigue cost-effective armor than in cloth rags. It’s just no fun to tank orc warlord’s mansplitter with your head in headscarf and barely get scratched.