Reply To: Some problems I’ve found in Beasts&Exploration

Avatar photoAlexandre Meunier

First of all, excuse me for my possible grammar mistakes. English is not my native language so…
Anyway, in regard of a problem I encounter some time ago (unfortunately, I completely forgot to make a screen).
At first it was a simple exploration mission. Not too far and rather low-reward. The first strange thing appeared in description.
The quest objective claims that some sort of hidden location was in the south-east from the city, but(!) the territory mentioned in the same text, according to the map, took place in the south-west direction. That was strange, but anyway, the mission was accepted. As a result, I waste a significant amount of time and much more money than I though possible in that situation. Finally, I found the root of the problem. That mentioned territory was very(!) long and it`s borders were surrounded by multiple others. Actually, originally I had no idea that it is possible for them to be that long, and I was sure that is part of another province…
Anyway, here it was possible to find out a truth due to the mission description. But in long-run exploration missions it may be impossible. So I think that there should be a way to find out territory borders even in not that oblivious ways to evade such a strange events as mine. Your opinion?