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Avatar photoBaine

I really like most of the new beasts (except alps, those are simply terrible… and hexes are well, on the border between fun and terrible).

I’d love to see more monsters like:

Giant – similar to Unholds but more target focused, slow but deadly (have to kite him?) Like a Thug version of the Unhold maybe. Ability to throw a brother over several (3?) tiles and damage them heavily.
Could have ranged ability Boulder throw – he uses one turn to pick up a rock (rip it from the earth) and a 3×3 tiles area will be highlighted that will be hit by the boulder next round. You have time to evacuate or risk severe damage.
Kobolds – come in small numbers, use debuff magic to make your guys miss/poison them. Quick and stabby. Come with all kinds of beasts. I imagine them like Leprechauns.
Bat/Giant Bat – Flying unit that is harder to hit in melee, does do low/medium damage and has low range defense. Can latch onto brothers and drain HP/root them, unless they free themselves or are helped by others.
Beastman/Minotaur/Centaur – Half man half beast, wielding two handed weapons made from tree trunks or seldom using better weapons they captured after battles, the minotaur could knock back people or impale them with his horns while the centaur can easily circle your men to attack the weaker archers with good mobility (similar to goblin riders). No armour/light armour but high HP. Centaur could gain stampede where he tramples everyone around him and/or pushes them aside.
Wisp – Usually found in forests or swamps, these balls of light are hard to hit due to their blinding aura and will force a unit with weak resolve to move to them. Similar melee to ghosts maybe. Low HP and come in low/medium numbers.
Werewolf – Similar to the beast men this thing comes accompanied with direwolves and two forms. In human form (during the day) it can boost the wolves (enrage them) around it and will use ranged attacks to support the wolves. In beast form (at night) it will have dangerous swipe attacks and can bite a brother, poisoning them/bleeding. -> Might have the option to give a brother a werewolf perk after biting them? Making them stronger at night or something.
Zuesler – Fire being, a burning skeleton that can set a unit on fire by attacking it, giving it DoT effect which is 50%armour/50% HP.