Reply To: Future plans

Avatar photolaViper

So I just want to ask what you think about extending content with some new crafting items as a small DLC? I mean something like ~10 new crafting items for about 50% price of current DLC.

Current situation with crafting makes me upset sometimes cause I have a lot of trophies but can’t create anything. Also new items don’t influence on my game experience so much. On the other hand, we have no reason to increase power of Sellswords or Hedge Knights.
So I think it would be nice idea to add a “drug” potions which will last longer but give addiction like being drunk for few days or even forever. In this case some “low quality” brothers can have their “gold hour” till you have next portion of drugs.

Something like that:
x1 Adrenaline Gland – +20% to hit chance in melee for 24h. Addicting
x1 Third Eye – +20% to hit chance in range for 24h. Addicting
x1 Unhold Heart – +20% damage in melee for 24h. Addicting

Some poisons for early game and dagger-style:
x1 Poison Gland – Poison for Daggers only 5 damage/turn for 24h.
x1 Poisoned Apple – Poison for disabling (-3 AP like goblin poison) for Daggers only for 24h.

What do you think about replacing perk “Bags and Belts” with items like
x1 Unusually Large Wolf Pelt x1 Gossamer – 1 slot bag (in dog/neck socket)
x1 Unhold Hide x2 Gossamer – 2 slots bag