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Avatar photovarhagen

Hi Paul! I am writing to you because I do not know where to write. As a big fan of the game, I followed and immediately saw the post SOMETHING STIRS IN THE NORTH. (The idea is unrealistically cool, the whole Russian community is euphoric). But I have long been interested in another aspect of the game. Why don’t you let 18 brothers use it? Many players love large-scale battles. For example, I don’t have enough brains to kill 50 with the help of 12 brothers. Fans found ways to make 18 brothers, but you made it impossible afterwards. Now modifications are not compatible with the new version of the game. The issue of balance and hardcore is decided by each player individually.
It is illogical that 8 brothers just sit it is not clear where their friends are fighting and dying.The same story knows the cases of huge armies of mercenaries who were not always in minority.
Finally, the concept of your game is a sandbox. Players should get as many opportunities as possible. But you are limiting them. I pray you make it possible to use 18 brothers (this is easier in battle but much more difficult in economics, why not?). Thanks for attention