Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

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We had to cut the objects, so that no element is wider than one tile and then piece them back together in the combat map. It was a hassle :( So we finally decided that our time is spent a lot better on improving the gameplay and adding content instead of finding a dodgy workaround to implement large structures.
Apart from the technical issues, the gameplay effect of large objects would be very doubtful as they would basically just clog the map without adding any strategic depth (even though of course they would look pretty cool).

That makes sense and was about what I figured. Thematically I feel like it would be very cool, especially (at least) for some Legendary Location fights as a means to kind of make them unique and be a kind of set-piece. I’m sure it would basically be useless in battle, but part of me loves the idea of just a little bit of terrain to marry the battle map with the location piece. Just some structure or remnant of one off in a corner of the map, barely visible (from the start battle view) and out of the way, but enough to make you remember “Ah, this is some dilapidated farm” or a few gravestones and dug-up graves for a graveyard. Little things — But I’m sure that it’s a lot of work for only thematic benefits.

Cheers, and thanks for the response. Can’t wait to see your artwork posts for what you’ve been working on with the new DLC :)