Reply To: Crafting Mod v1.0

Avatar photolaViper

Finally version 2.0 with some balance fixes and 3 new events fot building in town.
Mod now works with new DLC (Warrior of the North)

The principles:
1)Variety of backgrounds provides new game experience.
As I wrote before, v2 adds 7 new recipes which you can use only after a special event. Each event fires if only you have brother with required background – no hedge knight or sellsword, most of them is lowborn.

-add Blessing Oil – coats your weapon to deal extra damage to Undead (+10 damage up to 4 attacks)
-add Deadly Poison – coats your weapon with poison which starts with 5 damage and increases it by 3 per turn. Last 5 turns or 3 with Resilient
-add Bull Potion – halves penalty from some kind of permanent injuries. Last 2-4 days
-add Flashing Potion – blinds target and bystaders (33% change) and descreses their vision
-add Medical Kit – kind of bag, but “keeps” bandages and antidotes. Has 3 charges to cure your brothers, recharge with Medical Supplies after battle
-add Dope Salt – makes your man “high”, allows to ignore morale during battle, but halves gained exp. Lasts 1 day, addictive
-add Scare Potion – decreases target morale based on its resolve (up to making it flee). Like range attacks can hit wrong target, so be careful

Sometimes we have lack of specail building on the map or at least on the edge of civilization when you are exploring new places.
For this reason I add 3 similar events to build weaponsmith/armorsmith (at random), fletcher and temple. Each event fires if town is small, has no building from this list and isn’t military. Just 5000 crowns, your brother with apprentice/monk/bowyer background and that’s all.

Currently I’m testing this mod with new DLC, I hope I merged changes rightly – but be careful to use it. Write here if you find any errors or mistakes.
I will try to update mod as soon as possible after new patch goes live. As I understand first few weeks after release it will be hard to keep it update with new patches :(