Reply To: Changes to whips

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Whips disarm – too powerfull option for game mech even if it will have 6 ap fo hit. Enemies usuall have no reserve weapons. Work good for all “hard” tipes like warriors and top acient undead. Has 3 tile range. We have already crazy daggers.We had naked 75% nimble, QH shield abuse, 4 arbalestes in pocket… no need make 1 more error.

Personally I feel like the more viable and unique builds in this game offer the greatest replayability and enjoyment.
Most gamers who really enjoy a game will try to to get every advantage and min max to make the best character to play. In saying that we want the game to continue to grow and it is hard for new players.

First off this is a single player game so let’s say you personally hate that whips disarm people you simply could not use whips. Call it a challenge run whatever. You are playing single player game basically you can handicap yourself as much as you want. You listed a number of examples as mistakes but you can easily choose not to use any of those.

My bigger point in this is you probably are fine with using 2h hammers swords and axes. As they are in general the strongest options to run in the game. You probably have archers that take out goblins at range. So why are 2h or bows not op? Maybe we should lower the damage of all two handers to something closer to 1 handed with double grip???
They are just as much op as the whip, they do a job. In the case of two handers they kill things quickly with high damage. In the case of bows they are effective at hitting advancing troops and killing enemy archers and high priority targets.

The enemy has a number of op options available to them. A crossbows used by ai or the computer who uses round swing with it’s own troops nearby can do so because they only need to fight one fight.
Injuries to ai vs player characters are vastly harsher for the player as a injured can last days so multiple fights. Why can enemy bring in 40 troops but players can’t? Just as it sucks for me to get a pierced arm and lose accuracy for 5 days it sucks to the ai fallen hero that loses his weapon to a disarm. The thing is the enemy could disarm my character as well if programmed to do so.

For argument sake let’s say there are 10 amazing builds in the game right now. Why would you as a player be upset if there was 20 or 30?
Would that not be amazing to replay try different things? Have even more backgrounds be viable have different star combinations actually be good, would that not be great? They literally gave this to us at the start of this expansion a unique and different build that was actually effective.

If you are running a 2h axe Frontline character, you are using an “op” build. For some reason though you think that is ok, but not other builds…. Why would it be so bad for a whip to be as good? At the end of the day would it not give you and everyone more replayability more options and different runs? All of this giving you, the player the option to use it or not based on your likes or dislikes. Because this is a single player game you will never have to face anyone using what you consider op builds or class/weapon selections. For myself I could be a worse player overall then you, maybe using a whip twice was truly overpowered.For me either way it was exciting to have something different to use that was effective in that role. At the end of the day I was far more excited to play the game then after the nerf especially after seeing a very unique builds be effective.

I am not saying the whips couldn’t use some work to find a sweet spot. In actual fact I think 2 disarms with lower chance to hit would be very interesting.I would love a middle ground from the release and the current nerf. As the different build was very fluid and fun to play with 5ap it loses that adaptability that was very refreshing.