Reply To: Crafting Mod v1.0

Avatar photolaViper

1)There is one problem with spliting mod into several parts – I modify whole files, so these parts willn’t work together cause will have changes same files in different ways.
Crafting contains bags and changes around “Bags and Belts” perk and Mod with perks changes contains new “Bags and Belts” perk as one of new. Report – Budget Screen – touch Assets Manager file cause spenting and earning money go through this Manager, but again “Bags and Belts” needs this manager to refill ammo.

So if someone needs only part of this changes I can try to get out into separated mod.

2)Don’t catch the message a bit. Such type of table was chosen cause new data will be added on bottom as row and also UI has vertical scroll. So amount of columns is constant and I take them as most important (for me to) – contracts and looting are main flow of income. Wages and assets are daily or at least weekly spendings. Other – column for events and all small money changes.
Repairing and buing items – that moment I want to gather information about.

3)Balance. It’s a bit hard cuase I don’t try to abuse my changes and don’t play as perfect as someone play.
At first new recipes already break balance cause you get something extra as tactical tool in battle. But you pay money for it – is it fair? I think yes, cause I could spent these money on better guy or equipment.
About first wave of per changes – I don’t try to improve good perks, so don’t forget for each perk you also pay using Perk Point. If you take a changed perk, you take it instead of another perk.

About improved perks – enemies also use new version with all bonuses.

Some of these perks are amened a bit like
Bags and Belts (+50% quiver amount instead of 2 bag slots). This changes has appeared cause I add bags as items, this perk gives nothing for archers in late game in comparison with version without mod in which you can make large quiver with 15 ammo.
Taunt (next using these turn cost 33%), Steel Brow (50% protect against stun and daze once per turn) and Shield Expert (start with shieldwall if possible) – just slightly improved.

Nimble (as old Dodge with 20% bonus), Lone Wolf (Gain stats based on Resolve and has penalty instead of total removing when allie stays near), Fearsome (Decrease enemies resolve based on your Resolve as Wolf wear), Killing Frenzy (Gain damage bonus based on HitPoints 0.3% per each current) – this high-level perk becomes based on character stats, you just can’t take it for every one.

Dodge – Gain +5 defence per each tile moved. I think this perk is so powerful at start when you don’t have heavy gear. In fact I just replace Nimble with it. This version is a bit hard-estimated cause on the one hand you can get +20 defence just move 4 tiles, on the other hand Barbarians have 115 INI and Dodge, what means they have up to +17 defence in original game, but drop it down when they start fighting. In my mod when they get position they lose all bonus – so may be I have to replace their Dodge perk with new Nimble, but It will take some time.
As player I use Dodge for few guys who will go in backline and I don’t worry a lot about engaging enemies with them.

Pathfinder Restore 1AP with first move each turn.
I have big doubts about powerful of this changes. At first – old pathfinder gives nothing if you fight on flat-grass battleground. It gives nothing if you don’t move. With my changes it can give you extra attack like an 1+4+4 (1+2+2+4) or 1+2+6 AP spending on moving and skills. It really increase battle speed for me, cause I don’t wait till enemy comes to me.
But as I said before – enemies also use new pathfinder, for example ghouls also gain extra attack if they stay in one tile distance. Acients move 5 tiles instead of 4. Only Direwolf don’t get anything cause they have 12AP total and 4AP skill-cost.

It looks extremly good, but still don’t work when you just stay and fight. You can’t just over your man having 3AP or spend like this 4+4+1 for archers.