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About talented in perks. Point fo balance here is also money. As you can see, I pay more for my guys if they have a lot of stars and good traits.

I even pay more than in original version if they have no talents at all cause they have stars in stats. Each star over one cost 10% – so even my basic brothers ask 110-120% wage. Of course I don’t pay for Try Out – I think it’s a bit unfair, it’s gambling without your ingame skill.

Finally this changes just improve a bit low-quality background – they can have same price as “noble” without talents.
For example this guy ask about 200% – Iron lugs, 3+2+2 stars and 5 talents. And I start spending more money from first level when he didn’t have any profit from talents, and no guarantee that I’m wishing to take all five talented perks.

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Generally I spent 50% more for wages (400 vs 270) for having talents. Is it fair? It of course depends on what I get from talents.
Such as Colossus gain extra 10% (Student and Fortified Mind) and student is common among citizens, you will never get it on knight or raider.
Fast Adaptation and Dodge keep 50% of bonus on reset (hitting or turn start)
and so on.

For me most valuable in tactical way became Taunt (it gain +2 range), so my man with perfect defence stats can get fire on him from archers.
Next one – Rotation, talent decreases cost of skill after fisrt in turn. So you can change an positions of your guys in better way.
Brawny – starts also influence on weapon and shied, so it just a bit fatigue bonus.

So I can’t say it makes my brothers overpowered, but it makes them different, and now I spent a lot of time to check avaliable men during hiring.

Not trying to be mean, imho, it will save your time in the long run. Focus at one thing at a time.

About crafting – I have some ideas about few new recipes, but anyway crafting is limited in two ways: what trophies you need to spent and what you will get as result. Also potions influence on balance, cause you take in battle more “value” even if you spend money on it.

About perks – I think I’ve finished main part and than I need to make only balance and bug fixes.

Next and I hope last part of changes will be around Origins, cause most of them dont’ have proper influence on game and battle at first.

*I also make some Quality of Life changes if something annoy me a lot.
For example – Beast Slayers in my mod start with Taxedermist in first town. By this origin I gain 50% more trophies but can’t use it to craft! It’s really stupid.
Also I write about morale chack problem or problem with charmed persons – so I decided to fix it by myself.
Or another one – Puncture don’t get bonus with free off hand. Looks balanced? But it means that you don’t get penalty with heavy shield in offhand – it’s also a bit strange. I don’t want to improve this kind of attack, so -10% hitchance with free offhand and -20% with shiled or something else.